In 2003 the Agency elaborated the scientific substantiation of territorial structure of Ukrainian part of Intarnational Biosphere Reserve „Roztotchya”. The work was done as the consisting part of project in the limit „Roztotchya Integrated Development” under financial support of small grants programme cross-border co-operation TACIS

 Map of nature-protected areas of RoztotchyaroztTerritorial structure of Ukrainian part of biosphere Reserve„Roztotchya” in 2003-2015 yy.ukr1 The Roztochya ridge is a part of the European watershed between Baltic and Black sea basins, contact zone of the Western European platformal and Carpathian geosynclinal tectonical structure, the border between Middle European and Northern European floristic provinces, historical place of different Slavic nations, crossing of old and new trade roads. That is why not only Ukraine and Poland but Central and Eastern Europe as well are interested in Roztochya region.

In order to preserve biological and landscape diversity, natural, cultural and historical heritage, providing the sustainable development of the region the Roztochans’kyj International Biosphere Reserve is created. It is formed on the base of the already existing nature protected territories of Poland and Ukraine.

There are one National park ( 8481,76 ha) and four landscape parks with total area of 100594 ha functioning on the territory of Polish Roztochya.

Ukrainian part of the Biosphere Reserve first of all consists of Nature Reserve “Roztochya” (2084 ha), Yavorivs’kyj National Natural Park (7079 ha), Regional Landscape Park “Ravs’ke Roztochya” (18114 ha) with the total area of 27077 ha. These nature protectional objects are bordering with the biggest in Europe military training polygon. It gives the opportunity to learn the possible influence of the military activities on the natural environment.

The Natural Reserve “Roztochya” functions since 1984. 92% of its territory is covered with natural oaken, pine and beech forests. The workers of the Reserve have a big experience in preservation of valuable ecosystems and in nature protection monitoring.

Yavorivs’kyj National Nature Park was founded in 1999 for not only preservation but for restorage and rational usage of natural landscapes of Roztochya as well. During the short period of time scientific, eco-educational work is organized here, ecological passes are created, local people are involved in nature protection activities.

Newly created Regional Landscape Park “Ravs’ke Roztochya” will serve as an ecological corridor between Ukrainian and Polish nature protected territories and will provide their territorial and functional unity.

Creating the functional protectional complex of the mentioned above nature protectedl object and including them to International Biosphere Reserve will help to improve its ecological representation and at the same time will allow to solve primary problems of preserving of the biological diversity and providing sustainable development in the region. That is why this project was supported at different international conferences on nature protection of Roztochya as well as in scientific publications of Polish and Ukrainian scientists, in the Decisions of Ministries of Environment Protection of both countries.

The Reserve will also have a big importance for the international tourism development. Mutual visiting of the Biosphere Reserve will promote the cultural approachment and mental enrich ment of the population of both countries. This builds important cultural and ecohuman value of the Roztochya Biosphere Reserve.

Thus proposed reserved objects play important nature protectional, ecological, logistic (scientific) roles, they also promote sustainable development in the region so they correspond to the demands to the biosphere reserves.

Yavorivs’kyy National Natural ParkdubrovIvano-Frankove townjaniv

Natural Reserve „Roztotchya”

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Project participants:

Stepan Stoyko
Anatoliy Меl’nyk
Orest Prus
Volodymyr Shushnyak
Iryna Vanda
Halyna Savka