The Regional Agency of Sustainale Development is a social organisation created for the concentration of people and communities for solving the problems of sustainable development in Western Ukraine. Since the oprganisation has been created (since the creation of the organization as the “Carpathian School” in 1993) more than 30 projects have been implemented. The main issues are:

Forming of the social organisation networks: the creating of the eco-informational network at the Carpathian Region; the creation of NGO network for the protection of the Upper Tisa, 1997; the improving of the carpathian computer network, 1997-1998; Polish-Ukrainian project “The Informational Network of the Carpathian Euroregion – 1999”.

The organisation of the objects of Nature Protection Fund: the organisations of the Nadsyans’kyj Regional Landscape Park, 1997; the strategy of eco-tourism development for the “Yavorivskyj” National Park; the Romanian-Ukrainian project “The Experience Exchange Between Biosphere Reserves of the Carpathian Euroregion for the planning of the Biodiversity Protection of the Biosphere Reserve “Petrosul Rodna”; the substantiation of the territorail organisation of the Ukrainian part of the International Biosphere Reserve “Roztochya”.

The supporting of the public initiatives for the providing of the region’s sustainable development: the technical maintainance of the Third Ukrainian Conference of NGOs “At the Green Platform”; the development of “The Strategy of the Development of Local Communities at the Territories of Biosphere Reserves”; the participation of the communities in the forming of national ecological network.

The organisations that supported our projects: EPCE, ISAR, CBC TACIS, NATO, WWF, Milieukontakt Oost Europa, Carpathian Foundation, UNO Representation in Ukraine, Program “East-East”, International Renaissance Foundation, Lviv Regional State Administration.